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Never stop chasing mountains is the core upon which Ezy Bike rests. Founded in 2016, The Ezy Bike brand celebrates the belief that in the later stages of life, embracing the world at your own pace, and on your own terms is what leads to true happiness.

When Andrew and Alan first created Ezy Bike, their main goal was to introduce a mainstream tool capable of enhancing the quality of mature adult life by focusing on the happiness found in activity, the freedom of choosing adventure and ease of technology.

By taking the things that mater most and combing it with years of personal business and sports knowledge, a brand based on health, wellbeing and joyful experience was born.

Why Ezy Bike

Pedal Assist System (PAS)

The Pedal Assist System (PAS) senses your pedalling pressure and provides assistance automatically. In PAS mode, the rider can reach up to 40km p/h.

No Drivers License Required

No drivers license required for an Ezy Bike, but you must comply with the Road Traffic Legislation i.e wear a cycle helmet, no use on motorways.

Up To 60km Per Charge

Depending on rider weight and terrain, a single charge has a range of approx. 45 to 60km. When using only throttle reach distances of up to 20km!

Learn About Electric Bicycles

Electric Bike FAQ's

All of EZY-BIKE electric cycles comply with the South African Standard SANS 311/2007 as well as the European Standard EN15194:2012 and an EN15194:2012 compliance certificate is issued with each bike. All EZY-BIKE units comply
South African regulation SANS 311/2007 (which is almost identical to the EU regulations EN15194/2012) dictates that:
1. The motor power (on PAS mode) must be 250W or less
2. It must be fitted with a control that limits the maximum electric powered speed (on PAS mode) to 25kph
3. The bicycle must be fitted with all the safety equipment recommended for normal bicycles
4. The bicycle must weigh less than 40kg’s and
5. The bicycle must look like a bicycle and have working pedals that are useable as the principle method of propulsion.

This restriction to 250W is not great news for the thrill-seekers among us who want to have the occasional off-road fun yet still be able to ride sensibly and legally on-road.

A purchase of the common high powered electric bike (350W +) will come with its legal implications. On the other hand, the practicality of a road legal e-bike means giving up the fun one could have off-road. So which do you choose?

EZY-BIKE has resolved this dilemma and introduced an electric bike range that combines both configurations ! We have developed an almost unique system that allows the user to swap between two modes (PAS or Throttle) depending on whether you are on-road or off-road, allowing you to unlock the full power where it is safe and legal to do so.

All EZY-BIKE e-bikes come pre-set to the road-legal mode of 250W and 25 kph speed by default. The dual-mode system is embedded in LCD dashboard which can be programmed, by the user, to increase the speed and unlock the full power of the EZY-BIKE e-bikes dual system via the intelligent controller.

No, in terms of current legislation no drivers licence is required for an EZY-BIKE e-bike, but you must comply with the Road Traffic Legislation. i.e. wear a cycle helmet, no use on motorways.

No to all the above, because all EZY-BIKE e-bikes comply with SANS311/2007 and regulations for bicycles contained in the Road Traffic legislation.

You need only the basic skills to ride a normal bicycle, but with EZY-BIKE e-bike electronic technology is accessible to the rider, from the daily commuter riding to work and back or to the health conscious going for a Sunday bicycle trip in the countryside.

In addition to extreme convenience, EZY-BIKE e-bikes are quiet and emit zero emissions during operation. They are designed to the highest quality specifications producing efficient green transporters that are as eye-catching as they are exhilarating.

Hills are unavoidable, but that’s not troubling to the owner of an EZY-BIKE e- bike. The option of either pedal power or battery power (by using PAS or throttle) providing the optimum balance of exercise and enjoyment. The simple turn of a hand operated twist throttle is all it takes to activate the quiet electric motor on your EZY-BIKE e-bike, allowing you full control over your speed. Pedal, or add throttle as desired, OR use throttle and add pedal power as you wish.

EZY-BIKE e-bikes are fitted with LCD intelligent dashboard. Avoid downgraded LED controls that give very little information (on/off, three levels of battery state and three PAS levels) A full LCD (as fitted to EZY-BIKE e-bikes) are intelligent controllers that give a wealth of information. battery capacity, a speedo, max speed, average speed, single trip time, total trip time, walking power assist, trip distance, total distance covered and PAS levels (one through five.)

E-bikes are durable and can withstand any terrain but can they withstand any weather, especially the rain? The short answer is yes – but with a little help. Remember…

E-bikes are water resistant but not water-proof and you should treat your e-bike as you would any electronic under the rain:

1) Avoid excessive rain and do not submerge your e-bike in water.

2) Apply dielectric grease to all electronic points of your bike to avoid corrosion.

3) Dry your bike after the journey to maintain longevity.

4) Dry the battery and the battery cabin once the trip is over.

Legally under electrical PAS power in South Africa the limit is 25.4kph. This however does not stop you peddling to go faster, or programming the intelligent controller to allow faster speeds.

EZY-BIKE batteries are 36volt 10.4Ah Lithium-ion linked to an advanced battery management system (BMS)

Lithium-ion batteries do not develop ‘memory’ and a life of 500 + charges can be expected.

Charging, depends on how far the battery is depleted. Charging from almost depleted to 100% can take between 4 to 8 hours.

The intelligent digital battery charger communicates with the battery management system and has an auto stop when the battery is fully charged, this prevents overcharging.

Depending on rider weight and terrain a single charge has a range of approx. 45 to 60km.

Basically, save for charging the battery, the maintenance required is no more than that of a normal unpowered bicycle. Occasional, routine checking of nuts and bolts and perhaps an annual service at a reputable cycle store.

In South Africa, although not technically permitted, we are fortunate to have included the luxury of a throttle option to be fitted onto our EZY-BIKE e-bikes.
Throttles provide full power on demand and South Africans enjoy them, as they unleash the full power available on EZY-BIKE e-bikes..
Throttles are especially helpful for getting started from a robot or stop signs, throttles allow a burst of power to climb a hill, or safely getting through an intersection.

The Pedal Assist System (PAS) senses your pedalling pressure and provide assistance automatically. We find that PAS are most popular with experienced cyclists who prefer a more natural, “bike-like” riding experience.
PAS is wonderful for long rides on relatively flat terrain, as you can just relax and enjoy the ride, also in PAS mode, because the rider provides some propulsion, you use less battery power than in throttle mode.
In summary, we believe that the ultimate e-bike, as in all EZY-BIKE models, should both PAS and a throttle available. Even if you prefer only PAS, why should you not have the alternative of using a throttle?

The Ultimate Reward

For people searching for a new lease on life, Ezy Bike is the answer. We believe that every moment is packed with unbridled potential and that we have the tool to unlock the next chapter of your life. By using Ezy Bike a whole world of activity will open up, watch as every road becomes a highway and minimal effort turns into the ultimate reward.

Start your adventure today and watch as the best cycle of your life begins.

Ezy Bike Older couple on bikes in the outdoors

"My Wife Has Never Been A Cyclist But Now Loves Her Bike"

We are really loving our E-Bikes. We have had them for about 2 years now and after that first hiccup with the faulty controller which you very kindly sorted out for us with excellent customer service help. I am now 70 and would never have been riding now if not for these amazing bikes. During the lockdown, we were very fortunate to have been stuck on a game farm near Brits, where my wife and I used to go out game viewing on the bikes every 2nd day. We are still full time travelling and try to take our bikes with us wherever we go. They appear to be fairly durable bikes as I have not been that good with my maintenance and yet they are still working perfectly. Had a lot of punctures on the game farms as thorn trees everywhere but found that puncture gunk that you put in your tyres fugit, did the trick, and no more punctures. Just to let you know this as my wife has never been a cyclist but now loves her bike.

Dave & Jean Blakey

"It Made The Day Out So Much Fun"

“Unbelievable!” That pretty much sums up my experience riding the Ezy Bike for the first time! I really loved the fact that I could go uphill easily and cycle further than normal without the strain. It really made the day out so much fun! Definitely worth it, now time to get the rest of my family one.
Martin Williams
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