Ezy Bike Product Catalogue

Thanks to the simple introduction of an electric motor, electric bikes have opened the door for thousands of outdoor and cycling enthusiasts who can now explore more than they ever thought possible! Electric bicycles are not a passing fad, they are a new lease on life!

Simply download our product catalogue below to get the full picture of the various bikes we offer and get outside and go further than ever before!


E009 Mountain Electric Bike

The EZY Rider 009 is the ultimate electric mountain bike for use in more rugged terrain. 


  • Battery 36V 10.4Ah Lithium-ion Charging time 4-8 hours
  • Controller 36v 14A with Intelligent LCD Display

E002 Folding Electric Bike

The E002 is the most useful  folding electric bicycle ever — making riding more fun, easy for everyone to use and affordable.  It can easily be folded and popped into a car boot for transport  or when folded it is compact for storage.  It  has a rear carrier designed so that a shopping basket or panniers can be transported.

Ideal for use by security patrols in large commercial premises or gated residential complexes.  Gives municipal  police forces and law enforcement entities increased mobility and reach.   A boon for Neighborhood Watches, allowing previous foot patrols to cover much larger areas, silently and efficiently.


X5 Ladies Electric Bike

The Model X5 Ladies Commuter Electric Bike combines beach cruiser comfort, style, breathtaking performance and user friendly features design for women specifically.


  • Max speed (Motor) with P.A.S. 25 kph, with Throttle 32 kph
  • Range on full charge ±50km (Dependant on Rider and Terrain)