how to choose an ebike in south africa

How To Choose An E-Bike in South Africa.

In this blog series, we’ve been exploring EVERYTHING electric bike, and, when it comes to the importance of finding the perfect fit, an e-bike is no exception. 

You don’t want to be the person who buys a bike, names it “The Truth” and then can’t handle it. 

In our last blog post, we spoke about the differences between an originally automated e-bike and conversion bikes; a standard bicycle which has been converted to an e-bike by installing a conversion kit.

As you continue reading, we will explore all of the options made available to you on the Ezy Bike website, and have placed them into four categories of bikes below. 

These include mountain bikes, commuter bikes, folding bikes and hybrid bikes.

how to choose an ebike in south africa

We believe that it’s important that you do your research before making any purchasing decisions to make sure that the bike you have chosen is perfect not only for your lifestyle but your future needs as well. 

The beauty of e-bikes is that it facilitates a flexible approach to biking as it accommodates the ability and exercise objective of the rider. Whilst e-bikes may appear to take away the majority of exercise work that would usually be placed on the rider, the gearing options still allow for the strengthening of your core, balance and personal space awareness. 

Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Mountain bikes are like the slightly less good looking sibling. They have all the perks and none of the high-maintenance.

EzyBike Electric Mountain Bike

Normally on the lower end of the price range, these e-bikes are perfect for the beginner rider and are often bought as a hardy commuter bike.

They are the ideal bike for those who enjoy relaxed rides in the country, easy trails or a smooth ride to work. 

Urban/ Cruiser E-Bike

The Urban/Cruiser bike is what Aubrey Hepburn would have used if Vespa’s hadn’t existed when they filmed “A Roman Holiday”.

EzyBike Electric Commuter Bike Couple

When considering the Crusier/Urban e-bike (sometimes referred to as a Commuter), ask yourself if you see cycling as a hobby or as a serious sport. If the answer is a hobby and you simply want to have a good time without putting too much stress on the body, then the urban e-bike is a fantastic option for you.

As many of the e-bikes on the market share similar characteristics, understanding the minor differences can help you make the correct choice when it comes to purchasing.

Designed to minimise personal effort and place the majority of the work on the motor. 

The Cruiser/Urban e-bike is the definition of an Ezy ride. 

Sporting wider tyres and a more “user-friendly design” (aka designed for comfort) Cruiser/Urban e-bikes are cheaper, easier to use and maintain, and are fantastic when you just want to get home after a long day.

Folding Electric Bike

The folding electric bike is perfect for undercover hoarders. You could buy 10 before your significant other noticed the growing pile of metal and tyres in the backyard.

Folding electric Bike

Perfect for the On-The-Go traveller or those with a small or limited amount of storage space. 

The Folding e-bike is typically suited to urban areas, this light-weight e-bike is perfect for those who want to get the most out of their city. 

Ideal for those who use public transport such as trains or Ubers, it takes up a minimal amount of space and is easy to operate.

Hybrid E-Bike

The Hybrid e-Bike, a popular option amongst enthusiasts, presents the best of both worlds in biking.

EzyBike Folding Electric Bike

This bike is ideal if you want both a commuter and a mountain bike.

Built to handle the stress of a rocky trail as well as gain considerable speed on a road. 

A Hybrid Bicycle is a great option for those who can’t pick a side and rather choose to have it all. Aka, the best of both worlds. 

Built to have a sturdier frame than a standard mountain bike, urban bike or folding bike, the hybrid is attractive for multiple reasons. Including its swiftness on the roads due to narrower tires, the ability to smoothly jump down 10m on mountain trails thanks to its duel suspension and its sheer size. Which makes you an unlikely target for road accidents as you’d be rather hard to miss.

Which Rider Are You?

Now that we’ve outlined the four main categories of bikes, which rider are you? 

Are you the intrepid mountaineer? Or the laid back land cruiser? 

Would you rather have the best of both worlds? Or do you simply want to see your city without breaking a sweat? 

Let us know in the comments below, and if we’ve missed a category please tell us! We can’t wait to further explore the Ezy bike lifestyle with you.

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