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Should You Choose a Hub Mount Motor or Mid Mount Motor Electric Bike?

We are asked many questions about e-bikes with one of the first usually relating to the choice between an e-bike with Mid Mounted Motor (MMM) as opposed to a Hub Motor (HUB).

Our answer is that before choosing any model electric bike, end users must be brutally honest as to what purpose they require an electrically assisted cycle. As an e-bike that can be used for everyday use as a commuter type cycle, for exercise in the evening or on week end rides, for use primarily as a commuter cycle with occasional off road use, or to used exclusively as an off road “mountain” bike.

MID drives are, by some, perceived as the Holy Grail of power-providers for e-bikes. If you want to know how you can spend a lot of money on an electric bike and get the ultimate in efficiency and performance, a MMM is a good start. MMM drive are not the easiest or the cheapest electric bikes to build, but can be the cream of the crop once you are out riding, especially off road, particularly climbing hills (or mountains).

When compared to a hub motor, for exclusive, serious off road use a MMM drive is a sophisticated solution. This is because MID drive allows you to use the bike’s chain driven transmission as the motor’s gears, so the electric motor can run in its optimum RPM range. This translates to a happier more efficient motor and a better balanced e-bike.

Having said all this, for non-serious mountain climbing users, a hub motor is ideal and more suitable for commuter cycles that will occasionally be used off road. Hub motors are “Direct” drive as they drive the powered wheel directly, not through the cycle’s chain driven gears. They are less expensive and there is less wear and tear on the e-bikes chain and gear system.

It ultimately comes back to the first question, what is going to be the primary use of the e-bike?

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