EzyBike Electric Bicycle Why Choose An Electric Bike And Are They Worth It?

Why Choose An Electric Bike And Are They Worth It?

Cycling has quickly become a popular method of reaching destinations, and it is not limited to the young any more. With exercise and health becoming more prominent in our minds, it stands to reason that cycling instead of driving is the way forward, and as with everything in our ever-evolving world, even bicycles have had a technological upgrade – the e-bike or electric bike. 

You might be wondering why an electric bike is worth choosing for your next great adventure. You can transform this effective method of transport into part of your fitness programme by riding up a steep hill with a simple twist of the throttle for better control over your speed, or you can enjoy a stress (and sweat) free trip into town thanks to the ability to control the intensity of your cycling with a pedal assist system. 

Still not convinced? Below are some of the reasons why you should choose an electric bike for your transport needs.

Improved Health

There is already a large body of work out available which outlines the health benefits of cycling, and when it comes to electric bikes, these health benefits are only heightened. For those who might have difficulty engaging in meaningful exercise due to age or other factors, electric bikes can lower this barrier, allowing you to take part in a healthy activity on a regular basis. 

With an effective pedal assist system, your electric bike can sense your pedal pressure, providing support when needed. So, are electric bikes worth it? When it comes to health and improved exercise, that is a resounding, yes!

EzyBike Electric Bicycle Improved Health

More Independence

As we become older, maintaining our independence becomes more important. With an electric bike, you are able to run errands without having to rely on an expensive vehicle and while remaining physically active. You are able to cycle to your local store without worrying about inconveniencing a friend, neighbour, or family member for a lift.

Part of this independence is the option to enjoy the outdoors easily and whenever you feel the need to. Want to spend the afternoon exploring a local mountain trial? Have an itch that only a hike in the local woods can scratch? You can simply hop onto your electric bicycle and arrive at your outdoor destination within minutes. 

EzyBike Electric Bicycle More Independence

Zero Emissions During Operation

With the digital age has come a larger awareness of how we are affecting the environment, which is why an electric bike is worth it for those who are environmentally conscious. When the bike is in operation, you are emitting zero harmful emissions into the atmosphere, curbing your own carbon footprint at the same time. 

Because you are using battery or pedal power and not fuel, the bike is not emitting any fumes or gas. If you use your electric bike on a daily basis instead of a motorised vehicle to reach your destination, you will be contributing to a more environmentally friendly world for current and future generations (and looking stylish while doing so).

EzyBike Electric Bicycle Zero Emissions During Operation

Make More Memories

We all have memories of riding bikes together with our friends and family when we were younger, but many of us allow age to prevent us from making more memories like this, which is why an electric bike is the perfect solution to the problem. 

All you need are the skills you already have to ride a bicycle. This is combined with the power of electric bike technology, allowing you to take your grandchildren on an adventure or to spend a leisurely afternoon cycling through town with your partner. You will no longer need to put off making more memories because of age or physical fitness. 

EzyBike Electric Bicycle Make More Memories

Are Electric Bikes Worth It?

Aside from the obvious financial savings that come with riding a bicycle instead of driving a car, there are numerous reasons why an electric bike is beneficial. You can improve your health by spending time outdoors and increasing the speed and throttle for added resistance, will have more independence by not needing to rely on a vehicle for your errands, and you will also be emitting zero harmful chemicals. 

An electric bike can empower you to make more memories with your family, friends, and can improve your physical fitness at the same time. With Exy Bike, you never have to stop seeking mountains, so choose your bike from us today and start your next adventure.

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